Application form for Accounts Assistant/ Accountant 2017
The applicant should have a valid Email ID which will be used for all communication regarding the Online Recruitment Process.
The same Email Id should remain functional through out the process.
The examination date & all other relevant information will be provided over Internet.
The examination will be in English language only and will have two sections. First Technical questions will appear followed by questions of Aptitude related to verbal ability, reasoning, numerical ability, General awareness and communication skills. Candidate is required to answer all the questions electronically. There will be no negative marking.
The candidates will have to use their own resource (Computer with Internet at your Home/Cyber cafe/Office etc.) to appear for both Mock and Preliminary exams.
Please ensure that the PC on which you are taking the exam is having minimum configuration of Pentium III Processor with 128 MB RAM. The browser used on the PC should be Internet Explorer 6.0/7.0/8.0. In case of using IE 7 or IE 8 for the first time, the browser will ask you to enable or disable “Phishing Filter”. Click on radio button which says “Turn off automatic Phishing filter”. After the above step go to “Tools”->“Internet option” -> “Security”. Click on “Internet” then click on “Custom Level” and select “Medium-high (default)”.
ALLOW POP-UP WINDOW  on your Internet Explorer.    Click here to know the more information about setting up you computer for the online exam. DO NOT CLICK ON ' SHOW UNFINISHED ASSESSMENT ' CHECK BOX WHEN LOGGING TO THE EXAM FOR THE FIRST TIME.
The candidate has to configure Sun JVM 1.6 after opening the Internet Explorer, if not available before the Practice/Mock Test/ Preliminary Examination. 
Sun JVM 1.6 can be installed by opening URL
For both Mock & Preliminary exams it is advisable to use the same computer. Otherwise, it may be required to configure the computer once again by you before Preliminary Exam which would be time consuming.
In the event of momentary network disconnection during the course of the exam, candidate can resume the exam by login again and selecting '  Show  Unfinished Assessment ‘ button but IFFCO will not be responsible for any malfunctioning on candidate’s computer due to Hardware, Software, Internet connectivity etc.
Before the Preliminary On line exam you can appear for the Mock Test for practice from 19.1.2012 – 22.01.2012 up to 6 p.m from your own resource.
IFFCO will not be responsible for any malfunction of applicant's computer pertaining to (but not limited to) Hardware,Software,Internet connectivity etc.
                     Customer Care : For any technical queries contact  on 022-42040051/53/55/58/59.
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